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Tales from the road

Each time I travel to an area (new/old) before I take a photograph or capture a picture I take some time to enjoy and observe that moment, I try to be present then and there. To me, images are about capturing what I feel or sense in those moments. Yesterday while enjoying the day I saw an old friend from my travels around the US and Canada. Each time I have been amazed by this small, gray bird. Who is this old friend, he's the American Dipper. It's not the bright colors, or the melodic song that attracts me to this bird it's that he fly's under water. While we have all seen images of ocean birds that do this, the Dipper is a song bird that feeds and fly's in fast moving streams usually out of our sight. I wanted this image because it shows not the bird but the habitat wherein it feeds, the fast moving stream. Just moments after this image he disappeared into the river.World of the Dipper


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